Blog guidelines and Tips to help you stand out as a WBlogger

The content published on WorldBuild365 plays a major role in creating a unique experience for our users. Please respect and follow these guidelines as they will help you establish a positive relationship with our community.

General Guidelines
WorldBuild365 blog articles are defined by the following characteristics:

  • Original concept and compelling arguments
  • Opinion-driven commentaries or analyses
  • Authors have clear voice and character
  • Fostering engagement and conversation, thought-provoking
  • Aiming to build relationship with the audience
  • Not restricted to a particular date

TIP:  If your content is time-sensitive, please submit it for consideration to our Press team ( 

All blog articles should be related to one or more of the WorldBuild365 categories:

  • Building and Architecture
  • Interiors
  • HVAC
  • Design and Décor
  • Urban Landscape

Articles that do not comply with these requirements can be removed at any time by our editorial team without notice.

TIP: If you are uncertain as to whether your article is relevant to our audience, please refer to the categories outlined in our Products section.

Uniqueness and plagiarism
WorldBuild365 gives preference to original content that has not been previously published anywhere else (in the same or a different language). All articles will be checked for duplicate content through the use of plagiarism check tools. 

Articles posted on WorldBuild365 cannot be reposted on another website.

All references from external sources, including copyright information, must be clearly stated with a link to the original source. Such links should not be active unless explicitly requested by the author. 

TIP: Images, even though widely available on the web, are often copyright protected. Always make sure that the images can be used freely or ask the owners for permission.

Language and tone of voice 
Selection and approval of articles is done based on content calibre, relevance to the industry, and interest to readers. All articles must be in English and/or Russian.

Content should be simple and straightforward, with terms that most visitors, including non-native speakers, will understand. Overly formal language, highly technical terms or jargon should be avoided.

TIP: Prior to publishing each article, make use of grammar and spell checking tools.

Length & Usability
The most important parts of the content should be positioned in the beginning of the article. The user needs to recognise relevant, useful content as they land on the page and scan the article. The first paragraph, the first two headings, as well as the first image are the most important in catching the reader’s interest. 

In the article body, the following elements will enhance reader scanning:

  • Headings and subheadings
  • Bullet lists, graphics 
  • Highlighted text 
  • Links
  • Captions 

These should be used where necessary, without overemphasizing and confusing the natural hierarchy of the content. 

The optimum article length is between 1800 and 3000 words.

TIP: Include media (videos, images or lists) to make your article more appealing.

Titles and Headers 
For the sake of consistency throughout WorldBuild365, titles should be sentence case (e.g. Project of the week vs. Project of the Week). All-caps style is not accepted

Titles should be compelling, specific, concise and straightforward. They should clearly communicate the message of the article. 

The recommended size for titles is 70 characters or less. 

TIP: Here are some examples of good titles: 

  • HVAC equipment to Hit $108.93 billion by 2020
  • Industrial style: home in hangars and workshops
  • Searching for the ideal kitchen surface
  • Company ABC launches app-controlled blinds system
  • Mosbuild interior awards: entries now open

Unacceptable content
The following types of content are not allowed on WorldBuild365 and may be deleted at any time without notice:

  • Open advertising or promotional articles; articles that might be considered spam or aiming to drive traffic to an external website
  • Confidential information or personal data
  • Content containing or advocating violence, abuse, pornography, harassment, hate speech or harsh criticism of companies or individuals
  • Content in violation of WorldBuild365 Terms of Use

Happy WBlogging!

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